Minister for Finances and Public Administration Cabinet (Office)

Director of the Minister`s Cabinet (Office)


Mr. Felipe Martínez Rico

Born in Bilbao; Vizcaya. March 27, 1975. He is married and has two sons.

Education and Training

Economy and Business Graduate in Zaragoza University Outstanding award to its academic record

Master in Economy in the International Institute of Economy in Kiel, Germany.

Civil Servant Group A1 State Comers and Economy Expert First post in the open competitions exams to became a Civil Servant.

Enhance education and training in economy, specialization in economy regulation. Other studies in Bristol University, United Kingdom, Erasmus Grant. Andrew Young School in Atlanta University (EE.UU) Carlos III University, Spain, Energy Club and the Institute for Fiscal Studies

Speaks fluent English and German

Professional Experience

Since 2008 is Deputy General Director for Analysis of Economic Sectors; in the General Directorate for Economic Policy. The Deputy Directorate General issues economic reports to the Delegated Commission for Economic Affairs of Spain Government and to the Commission of Under-Secretaries. As well this unit did economic assessments for the Ministry for Economy and Public Finances. The Deputy Directorate was responsible for the following economic sectors: network sectors (energy, telecommunications, transport and postal service), environment and climate change; agriculture, commercial distribution, intellectual and industrial property rights, science and innovation, supervision of credits and economic aid from the Official Credit Institution. (ICO Instituto de Credito Oficial)

Spain representative for energy and climate change in working parties of ECOFIN (European Union Economic and Financial Affair Committee)

Former member of: Correos (postal service public enterprise) and IMPROSA boards of directors.

Designated Director of the Minister for Finances and Public Administration Cabinet by the Royal Decree 1854/2011 of December 2011


The Minister Cabinet (Office) is responsible for immediate assistance to the Minister; it has the status of a General Directorate.