The Law 11/2007 on Citizens` Electronic Aces to Public Services in Art 4 c) states the principles of accessibility and universal design to web pages. (PDF, approx. (532, 58 KB). Meeting with these principles, the Secretary of State for Public Administrations assures all citizens interacting with the Secretary of State through internet are able to access information and electronic services. All can access in equal grounds, regardless of their personal circumstances, means and knowledge. This webpage takes especially into consideration persons with disabilities and elderly persons.

The webpage of the Secretary of State for Public Administrations meets the criteria of priority 1 and 2 from the UNE standards on accessibility 139803:2004. The webpage arrives to the Level Dabble-A of the W3C´s Directives on accessibility. Documents published in this web page before the ONE standard 139803:2012 took effect, have been supervise taking into consideration the accessibility standards valid at the time they were published. Currently we are working to comply with current accessibility standards of A and AA level of UNE 139803:2012 passed in July 2012. This standard replaces and derogates the standard UNE 139803:2004.

This web portal is ready for the following web browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 4 or their latter versions. Minimum recommended resolution is, 1024 x 768.

To see correctly the graphic portal you need to execute Java script.

The web page takes the following measures to facilitate accessibility:

  • Uses CSS 3 to present information
  • Uses alternate text in images
  • Links offer details on the function or destination of the hyperlink

Last revision on the web page level of accessibility took place in October 2011.

The Secretary of State for Public Administrations works in a daily bases to improve the accessibility of its webpage . We welcome your comments and contributions to make this web page more accessible through a form in the following website web portal.

You can submit claims or comments through the claims and comments procedure. To address them you need a digital certificate or in the formal way establish by the Claims and Comment procedure of the Ministry for Finances and Public Administrations in accordance with article 15 of the Royal Decree 951/2005 of July 29 on the regulation framework to improve the quality of the General Administration of the State. (Official Journal of three of September).